Baba Vida - Legend

He once lived Bulgarian boyar who was wealthy and very wealthy. His vast possessions spread from the Carpathians to the Balkan Mountains. He had three daughters - Vida, Gamza and Kula. When they had passed, they divided their father's estates among themselves. One of Kula's sons settled on the territory of the current Bulgarian city of Kula, the other sister - Gamza married in Serbia in the lands of today's Gamzigrad. But the two maids rushed in their choice of husband and happened to bad men who shed their father's legacy with light hand and lost everything. The oldest sister of the three - Vida did not get herself, but she stayed herself alone. She built a castle with her own money, where she lived to a deep age. The fortress fortress successfully defended its inhabitants and lands from foreign attacks. After Vida's death, in a sign of gratitude, local people called Baba Vida Castle or Babini Vidini Towers. The fortress is known to this day.